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Tibetan Snow Lion

Small Noah's Ark Truly Tibetan Snow Lion -Made of colorful orange and red Felt with movable joints. For people over 14 and Adults.




Sippi Sees the Stars

Sippi Sees the Stars Sippi the Wild Thing ($27.50) sees the stars through a Telescope ($199.00) He has somehow found an extinct Quagga ($125.00) to help him attain the height he needs.



Nowhere Everafter Music Box

Nowhere Ever After Music Box The Beautiful and Talented Butch Morris, a Treasure of the East Village, has had "Nowhere Ever After" magically transformed into a lovely music Box.

$85.00. Very limited edition



Cedar Kalimba

Cedar Kalimba Lovingly crafted in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this cheerful instrument is solid and sounds good.





Cedar Kalimba Colorful and nicely resonant, this is a jolly sounding toy instrument that can accompany songs all day long.




Musical Mom and Baby Duck

Pull the baby duck to hear The "Rubber Duckie" song as it hurries back to Mom.




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